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Sunday Somewhere New Range - The Modern Nomad

  5:29pm. Sunset. Marrakech. In the wake of a dust land dreamscape,Of starry nights and Saharan skies.  We took our rucksacks from the backsOf camels covered in sand.Swapped silent dunes for throbbing souks,Ochre walls and mud brick citadels. In a Labyrinth of winding streets,We were lost.But found. Here comes my adventure.Here comes Sunday.  SHOP SUNDAY SOMEWHERE   Maybe it's the stillness, the silence or the solitude. The freedom you feel under the desert skies or the wide open horizons stretching your mind. Whatever it is, the desert is a place that strips superficial stuff away. It’s the great giver of perspective and a place of transformation where a new clarity of vision emerges. A perfect setting for our next adventure under the...

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