Tom Form Eyewear

In 2005, Tom Ford announced the creation of the Tom Ford brand. Tom Ford’s eyewear is of particular note, as unlike many other designers it was his eyewear that really established the brand. With all his experience, Tom Ford’s sunglasses are designed to perfection. They are original and are seen as a breath of fresh air, which other designer fashion houses have drawn inspiration from. Tom Ford is the trendsetter, not follower and this forward thinking has lead to the brand gaining an elite celebrity following. For Spring 2011, Tom Ford introduces new eyewear frames for women and men that bring statement-making, directional design to the face, with extraordinary levels of luxury and comfort. “Every frame is imbued with a very high design value. This is obvious in the fashion-forward frames, and subtler in the classic styles. The point is to avoid looking ‘retro’ and always look completely modern,” says Tom Ford.